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Global Partnership for myPinPad 22.05.13

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Sanders product design and branding client myPinPad has had an exciting recent success: Alaric, a global supplier of fraud prevention and payments solutions, is now offering the innovative myPinPad product.

MyPinPad’s proprietary solution enables cardholders to securely control the authorisation of payments via the entry of their PIN on touch-screen payment terminals, smart phones, tablets and online. It presents the cardholder with a one-time virtual PIN pad - effectively moving the security elements of the transaction from the device and into the cloud. Via myPinPad, the cardholder can enter his/her PIN securely. All data relating to the transaction authorisation is effectively invisible until it is authorised at the secure server.

It’s all pretty technical, but it essentially offers an extremely secure method of pin entry that will save mag-strip countries like America billions of dollars in implementation costs.

“There have been many advances in the world of payments, but easy and cost-effective authentication of the individual making the payment has always proved a challenge. I am delighted that we can now offer myPinPad to the market, and provide a secure solution for cardholder PIN entry across mobile devices and web browsers, and separating the authentication of the user from the physical POS device,” says Mike Alford, CEO at Alaric.

The guys at myPinPad came to us looking for product design, having developed the concept for a secure card payment device. As often happens with clients, myPinPad has since made use of our capabilities as a dual-discipline studio, and we have begun to develop a brand identity that fits their bright future ahead.

There’ll be more to come from us as we progress with the full re-brand, so look out for more on My PinPad coming to the blog soon.

And by the way, the lovely hand-modelling you can see there in action is courtesy of none other than our own Jameila…