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Design that accesses new markets

Textiles manufacture is expensive; waste is costly, and machine down-time is disruptive. Airbond’s new splicers reduce waste at all stages of manufacture. Their greatest benefit is in splicing yarn, connecting bobbin to bobbin, ensuring continuity of production. This means that there is no longer the need to halt the production process when bobbins run out, or when the fabric specification needs to be changed.

The new 601 and 701 splicers (pictured) that we’ve just created with for the company is a new and highly innovative series of splicers that mark a departure for the business enabling them to access sectors of the market that have previously not been available to them.

A high impact resistant injection moulded outer case, replaces the traditional machined aluminium body, resulting in a product that can be upgraded and refurbished at a fraction of the cost of previous models.

Two additional versions are currently under development that will build on the success already experienced by these innovative products - designed and engineered by us here at Sanders.