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Bergen’s first microbrewery bar branding

Kind are the Norwegian agency behind this fantastic looking brand.

The logo they have developed is designed as an ambigram. The name Una comes from Latin. It means ‘together’ or ‘in one’. Togetherness is the essence of the concept. Good beer is best enjoyed in good company and at Una you will find craft beer from all over the world under the same roof.

Kind is now working on the restaurant part, which will be branded using the same identity and based on the same concept.

A beer wind is sweeping the world at the moment. The trend started in the USA more than 10 years ago – the idea of brewing craft beer based on small-scale production. This trend has exploded in recent years. A distinction is drawn between full-scale breweries and pub breweries. UNA Brewery & Kitchen is a brewery bar that aims to build on this trend. Locally made beer and food in perfect harmony, with the focus on good local ingredients.

Given the great diversity of restaurants out there and the increasing competition, it is always important to stand out from the crowd and Kind has risen to this challenge in an excellent way. From the choice of name and the logo itself to the life style photography to accompany it all underpins the contemporary industrial feel the restaurateur was going for.

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